Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 12/09/2020

COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone.  We appreciate your patience as we have navigated through this uncharted territory.  There will be temporary changes to how we service our members.  Operations will look different.  Please know we have every intention of returning to normal operating procedures when CDC guidance as well as federal, state, and local officials announce it is safe to do so.

Our Williamsport lobby is closed due to a possible COVID contact;
The CES location is closed until further notice;

The Meridian lobby remains open; however, whenever possible,
we continue to urge members to utilize drive-thru and electronic services.

We have instituted many precautionary measures to protect both our members and our staff.  Rules are implemented for the safety of everyone.  Opinions as to what is and isn’t necessary widely vary.  You may not have any health concerns but other members and our employees do.  Your willingness to put others first is a choice.  Please help us to open our branches safely and without unnecessary emotional stress or confrontation.  

Number of Members:  Our Williamsport and Meridian lobbies will be limited to no more than four (4) members at any given time.  The CES location will be closed until September.  Arriving members may be asked to wait outside so employees can monitor and maintain these numbers.

Social Distancing & Protective Equipment:  Locations may have social distancing tape on the floor and Plexiglas shields in the teller areas.  In order to mitigate the spread of germs some items have temporarily been removed from our lobbies.  Should you need a pen, please ask an employee and you will be provided with a free pen to keep.  We also ask that you limit touching any surfaces within the lobbies; this includes counters, chairs, desks, etc.  Seating is not available.  If you are unable to stand while waiting, please use our drive-thrus.

Facial Coverings/Masks:  Employees will wear masks when interacting with members in the lobbies and will continue to do so in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.  You must wear protective facial coverings/masks to enter our lobbies.  They must be worn properly covering both nose and mouth.  We may ask you to lower or remove your mask before entering the branch so that we may identify all persons.  Once inside, we ask that you replace your mask.

Sanitizing:  We are regularly cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing work areas and common touch points.  We are requiring our employees to regularly wash their hands or use hand sanitizers at least every hour.  MSR staff is required to use hand sanitizer between each member transaction.

Do Not Enter if Feeling Unwell:  We request that members feeling sick or symptomatic do not enter our lobbies.  Employees who are sick or have been potentially exposed to COVID-19 are required to stay home.  Our staff is limited, so keeping them healthy is critical for operations.  Again, if you are feeling unwell, DO NOT enter our lobbies.

We are NOT accepting bulk loose coin at this time.