Routing Number/Member Number/Account Number

The Routing Number for WCTFCU is 255079527.  

Our routing number cannot be used for wiring purposes.  Please see Wire Transfers for wiring instructions.

Member Number and Account Number:  The Difference is Important

The account information you give out for electronic deposits to and withdrawals from your account is very important.  Your Member Number is just a small part of what is needed to have transactions post correctly for your accounts.  In most cases, you will need to give out your Account Number, not your Member Number. 

For Checking and Money Market Accounts:  You will find your account number on your checks to the right of the routing number.  If you do not have checks for your account, please Contact Us for your account number. 

For Savings Accounts:  Your account number starts with your member number and is then followed by the suffix number with no dashes, spaces, or letters.  For example:

 Member Number Plus Share ID (Suffix) Account Number
12345 + 0 123450

If you have questions about the correct account number to use for any past, current, or future transactions, please Contact Us.