Our loan rates have dropped significantly! 

There's no better time to get that new vehicle, refinance your vehicle from another institution*, take advantage of equity in your home, or get money for the things you need.  For up-to-date rates, please see Loan Rates.  

*Existing WCTFCU loans are not eligible for refinance.

Direct Deposit/Payroll

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a free service that lets you have your entire paycheck, Social Security, retirement, pension, or other recurring deposits sent directly to your WCTFCU account(s). This service is offered by most employers through the Human Resource Office. 

To set up Direct Deposit, provide your employer or other payment provider with the Credit Union's routing number 255079527 and your Account Number.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is a free service that lets you have part of your WCPS or HCC paycheck sent directly to your WCTFCU account(s). It is also the easiest way to set up an automatic savings program or to repay a WCTFCU loan.  To set up WCPS payroll deduction, please visit one of our locations.  To set up HCC payroll, please see your Human Resource Office.