Our loan rates have dropped significantly! 

There's no better time to get that new vehicle, refinance your vehicle from another institution*, take advantage of equity in your home, or get money for the things you need.  For up-to-date rates, please see Loan Rates.  

*Existing WCTFCU loans are not eligible for refinance.

Other Services

Convenient Deposit Methods

  • Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
  • In person at any WCTFCU location during office hours
  • ATM deposit at Main Office or Williamsport locations
  • Through our night deposit boxes at Main Office or Williamsport locations
  • By mail
  • Internet/Telephone Banking transfer

Convenient Withdrawal Methods

  • Cash or check at any WCTFCU location
  • Debit Card Point-of Sale transactions
  • ATM/Debit card cash
  • Internet/Telephone Banking transfer
  • Bill Pay

Night Deposit

Are you a night owl or an early bird that needs to conduct business with us outside of normal business hours?  Use our night deposit boxes to make safe and convenient after-hours deposits, loan payments, or deliver any communications with us.  Night deposit boxes are available at both our Main Office and Williamsport locations.