Deposit Accounts

Master Share Accounts (Savings)

Your savings in the Credit Union is called a “share account” because it is your share of ownership in WCTFCU.  This account is your “key” to Credit Union membership. It entitles you to the many benefits, products, and services we offer.  This is the account you open to establish membership.  With a minimum daily balance of $100, dividends compound daily and are credited to your account monthly.  A balance of $5 must remain in the account at all times.

Share Draft (Checking)

WCTFCU offers NO COST CHECKING that also pays dividends!!  Dividends on average daily balances of $250 accrue daily and are credited monthly.  

  • No minimum monthly balance requirement
  • No monthly maintenance fees or service charges
  • No per-check charge
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Monthly statements either paper or electronic
  • First box of checks are FREE (approx 100 checks)
  • Interest bearing account (minimum daily balance $250)
  • ATM/Debit card privileges (FREE)
  • 24 hour access to your accounts with Digital Banking and mobile apps (FREE)
  • Reorder your checks online

Money Market Account

Money market accounts are a perfect combination of savings and checking.  This account pays a higher dividend rate than our savings and you can write checks. There is a minimum balance requirement of $2,500 to earn dividends.  By federal regulation, debits and/or transfers are limited to six per month, three of which may be by check.  This includes pre-authorized debits and transfers through digital banking.

Term Share Certificates (CDs)

If you're looking for a longer-term investment, our certificate accounts offer a risk-free, high-yield alternative. The early withdrawal penalty is 5% of the amount withdrawn.  Accounts are available with a $1,000 minimum deposit.  Dividends are paid monthly on the average daily balance and can either be added to your certificate balance, transferred to your savings, or paid by check.  Terms are available from 12 months to 3 years.

Holiday Club

Prepare for the holidays by saving in a special fund throughout the year.  In October, a check for the full balance of the account is sent to your address.  Dividends are compounded daily and are credited to your account monthly.

Sub Share Savings (Savings)

This account may be established for any purpose.  Save for a vacation, taxes, school, etc.  Dividends are compounded daily and are credited to the account monthly.