Telephone Banking

Do you not have Internet access or just feel like you aren't tech savvy enough for Internet Banking?  WCTFCU’s Audio Teller turns your telephone into a 24-hour teller.  You can check balances, transfer funds, make loan payments, and more.  Dial the number listed below and you will have a direct line to your account information from anywhere in the United States.  It is quick, simple, and FREE.

Below you will find an instruction guide to make your experience a pleasant one.

  1. Telephone banking number is 301-790-3742
  2. Enter your Member Number and Press #
  3. Enter your PIN (last 4 digits of your social security number) and PRESS #
  4. For a balance inquiry PRESS 1
  • Share identification codes are as follows:  Master Share-0, Checking-79, Vacation-67, Christmas Club-59, and Sub Share Savings-41
  1. For a transaction inquiry PRESS 2
  • For specific checks PRESS 1
  • Last 5 withdrawals PRESS 2
  • Last 5 deposits PRESS 3
  1. To post a transaction PRESS 3
  • To make a share withdrawal by check PRESS 1
  • To make a share to share transfer PRESS 2
  • To make a share to loan transfer PRESS 3
  1. To make changes to an account PRESS 4
  • To change your PIN PRESS 1
  1. To return to the main menu PRESS 8
  2. To replay menus PRESS 9